MRO Terms and Conditions

All MRO Products carry a 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of purchase, and when installed by a certified fitment centre.

All work lamps, fog lights, spot lights and light bars are to be Fused, Switched and installed on the main beam (Head Light) circuit. Failure to do so will void all guarantees.

No guarantee will be honoured without the official invoice for installation by a certified fitment centre.

Accidental damages are not covered by this guarantee.

All aftermarket lights are for off-road use only and are to be covered when driving on public and residential roads. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

MRO reserves the right to update prices without notice.

All MRO products are to be used within the confines of the law. Cando Agencies (Pty) Ltd, MRO, its suppliers and fitment centres shall not be held responsible for any fines, injury or death caused by the misuse of these products.